Reynolds and Reynolds

Reynolds and Reynolds

As a software company, Reynolds and Reynolds naturally leaves less of an environmental footprint than many businesses. Nonetheless, we actively take steps to operate in a way that's smart for the environment and smart for our business.


Reynolds has added a number of automated energy controls to our buildings that help reduce power consumed by lighting and vending machines when they are not in use.

Printers and computer monitors are automatically programmed to go into a power-saver mode after several minutes of inactivity. In addition, it's become part of our culture for associates to turn off office and meeting room lights and computer equipment each night as additional ways to reduce energy consumption. Our major facilities have amenities such as on-site dining rooms and workout areas that minimize the need to drive to a separate location.


Reynolds has a number of recycling initiatives - paper and cardboard, scrap metal, aluminum cans - across our company in communities where recycling is supported.

For more than 25 years, our forms manufacturing plant in Celina, Ohio, has managed a strong recycling program. In the average year, the Celina plant recycles around 2,200 tons of paper, cardboard, aluminum, ferrous metals, and plastic, which saves landfill space, trees, oil, water, and electricity.

1 ton of recycled paper saves