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Announcing ERA® Report Generator (6910) Functionality Enhancements

Reynolds is dedicated to providing valuable enhancements to ERA system functionality in an effort to ensure our features meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and our industry.

Did you know that you previously were unable to review what reports had been generated via your Report Generator tool, or who pulled them? We are pleased to announce that we are enhancing ERA Report Generator to address this, along with updated authentication tools.

There are two enhancements to be aware of:

  1. The current functionality that requires users to answer a random access question is being updated to more current authentication technology. This new technology will function in a way that closely mirrors that used in other industries where users are accessing or providing sensitive data, such as in banking or on-line commerce. Rather than generating a question from a pre-determined set, Reynolds is upgrading to functionality that will require users to re-type a random “code” of data (letters and/or numbers) that appears on the screen. The underlying strength of this feature remains unchanged; users will simply experience a different prompt.
  2. Report Generator files must now be saved prior to previewing, printing, or queuing a report. This means that once the report is created, it must be saved to the system before you can preview, print, or queue the report. This enhancement will provide a new level of auditing control over your dealership’s important data in addition to the existing functionality that allows you to see who created or modified reports. By having access to previously-run reports, you will be able to easily see who is accessing which reports and what the report set-ups were for each saved report in your system. Plus, you can be assured that reports are not being run without having them saved for future reference.

The Report Generator tool is a powerful way to maintain control over your dealership data as you manage your daily operations. We continually look for ways to improve the functionality of Report Generator to improve your ability to monitor and track report activity in your ERA system.

If you have any questions regarding Report Generator or these newly-released enhancements, please contact the Reynolds Technical Assistance Center