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Dynamic Reporting

Powerful multi-store, user-defined reports.

Training options are available.
Dynamic Reporting is a new reporting tool available to all ERA® and ERA-IGNITE customers. It allows you to easily create and export user-defined reports using Data Sets, which are a combination of file information and additional added fields. Furthermore, reports can be created for one or more stores and branches.

Key features:
  • Create your own report fields using calculations within a Data Set.
  • Use searches, drop-downs, and filters when building reports.
  • Combine data from multiple stores/branches in a single report.
  • Utilize ERA-IGNITE’s grid format for a cleaner display.
  • Schedule reports to run at specific times.
Dynamic Reporting is accessed through ERA-IGNITE but does NOT require an ERA-IGNITE Site License or ERA-IGNITE Seat. Click here for instructions on downloading ERA Communications Manager, which will add the ERA-IGNITE icon to your desktop.
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