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Integrated Document Management

Is your dealership suffocating under the weight of all the paperwork you generate?
Integrated Document Management is a solution designed to give automotive retailers the integration and time efficiencies needed to keep up with the pace of growing mounds of paperwork. Integrated Document Management automatically helps dealership employees collect, store, secure, retrieve, track, and maintain documents. Stored or archived documents can then be printed, emailed, or viewed from any workstation at any time.

Data Storage - Less Paper and Filing
  • ERA-IGNITE automatically stores documents into Integrated Document Management.
  • Data Import/Export features easily store external documents without scanning.
  • Captures and stores customer signatures
Data Retrieval - Easy Access to Information
  • Document retrieval allows stored documents to be retrieved from any workstation.
  • Thumbnail image views allow scanned images to be reviewed and edited.
  • Simplified retrieval is done through simplified document retrieval interface.
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