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Retail Management Intelligence

Your single point for all reporting needs.

Retail Management Intelligence is a reporting tool that helps you gather critical decision making information from application reports, Dynamic Reporting and Dashboard Reporting. With the MyRMI app, you can access customized dashboards from your mobile phone.

Application Reports:
  • Access all of your departmental reports from different stores and branches on one screen.
  • Use filter options to display only the information you want.
Dynamic Reporting:
  • Create and export user-defined reports for one or more stores and branches using Data Sets.
  • Schedule reports to run at specific times.
Dashboard Reporting:
  • Monitor business activities with up-to-the minute key performance data with drill-down capabilities.
  • Change the data you generate into a graphic, such as a speedometer, to better convey and understand your results.
Save time, gain flexibility, and take control of your dealership’s reporting with Retail Management Intelligence.
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