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Reservation Manager
Reservation Manager

Streamline creating appointments and effectively load your shop.

Reservation Manager is an upgrade to ERA-IGNITE giving you an in-depth look at information to manage your service resources, effectively load your shop, and provide the best service to your customers.

When complemented by Service Portal consumers have the ability to schedule appointments online with up-to-date availability.

With Reservation Manager you can:

  • Control shop resources, transportation types, and waiter capacity.
  • Schedule appointments based on available appointment dates/times and other vital shop resources.
  • Manage transportation types (loaner, rental, shuttle, valet) to help insure your customers’ needs are met.
  • Track which customers can receive loaner cars.
  • Create custom categories and track time to sell.
    (Possibilities: Sublet, Diagnosis time, Detail, Accessories, PDI)
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