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Technician Dispatching

Less Walking. Less Waiting. More Working.

With Technician Dispatching from Reynolds, you're able to streamline communication between the technician, the advisor, and the parts department, so technicians spend as many billable hours as possible in the bay and on the job.
Advisors can check the repair status of each job at a glance, and technicians can give more accurate promise times, keeping customers happy and boosting Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores. Automatic dispatching is based on job priority and technician skill level, not favoritism, so the right repair is assigned to the right technicians at the right time. Technician Dispatching helps ensure that your shop is effectively booked with the appropriate amount of work, so advisors and technicians can complete repairs when promised, yet still have the time to look for additional opportunities.

Technician Dispatching helps:
  • Increase shop efficiency.
  • Automate shop loading.
  • Increase upsell opportunities.
  • Eliminate promise-time guesswork.
  • Boost billable hours.
  • Improve CSI scores.
  • Pump up profits.
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