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It’s a busy day at the car dealership with customers walking around viewing vehicles.

The manager, Mark, receives an incoming call from his general manager.

The person on the phone says, “Do you have those numbers? We’re waiting for you.”

A new salesman approaches the manager’s desk looking a little nervous. He says to Mark, “Hey Mark, I think I’m gonna have my first customer. They’re ready to test drive. Where should I take them?”

A second salesman approaches the desk as Mark responds to the first salesman. Mark replies to the first salesman, “It’s a higher-end sedan, so take them around town a little bit. And make sure you talk up the quiet cabin, okay?”

The first salesman nods in agreement and walks away from the desk.

The second salesman begins to ask the manager a question. “Hey Mark, I’m having a little bit of trouble closing out this customer. Can you help out?”

The manager now looks a little frazzled and replies, “Give me just one second, alright?”

A third salesman approaches the manager from behind the desk. The salesman asks, “Mark did you get that credit report for me?” As the question is asked, the manager does not look at the salesman, and continues to stare at his computer screen.

The manager, clearly stressed, replies, “No I haven’t. You know what? I’ll get to it as soon as I get this report done.”

The salesman walks away looking defeated.

The phone begins to ring again and Mark puts his finger up to tell the first salesman to wait as he approaches the desk again.

The person on the phone says, “We can’t start without you. We need you in this meeting.” And Mark replies, “Yeah I’ll be right there.”

There are now two salesmen at Mark’s desk. The first salesman says, “Hey they’re interested in test driving it in red. Do you know if we have a red one?”

Mark replies, “You know what, normally we do. Do you know if they want to buy or lease?”

The salesman, looking worried, replies, “I don’t.”

Mark turns his attention back to his computer as he says, “Find out that out for me, okay?” The salesman nods and walks away.

The phone continues to ring as a fourth salesman approaches Mark’s desk and says, “Mark-ey Mark. What’s happening man?”

Mark looks irritated and rolls his eyes. The salesman ignores this cue, and continues talking excitedly.

“Dude, just got another one. We’re killing it this week! So where does that put me with bonus?”

Mark looks at the salesman with judgment and sharply points at the whiteboard behind him that features all of the sales team’s names.

The salesman looks at the board and replies, “That’s right, the board. Three more. We’ve got this man.”

The fourth salesman walks away as the third salesman returns behind the desk. Mark continually looks more frantic and stressed. The phone rings and Mark answers as the first salesman comes back the desk.

As Mark is on the phone, the intercom comes on and says, “Mark to the manager meeting, Mark to the manager meeting”

Mark looks up at the ceiling and then back at all the salesmen, clearly stressed out.

Mark’s face becomes red and there is fire in his eyes as he becomes increasingly overwhelmed.

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