Funk's Toyota docuPAD® System Testimonial Video

Listen to what Rick Funk, dealer principal at Funk's Toyota, has to say about the docuPAD system.

"Our dealership has been using docuPAD system about two years now.

"Before we had the docuPAD system, there was so much paperwork involved. It was just always mistakes on documents, forgetting to sign documents and there was so many things we always had to correct after the deal was done.

"The docuPAD system made the process simpler, easier and streamlined and that’s helped us immensely to keep that customer happy.

"Here at Funk’s Toyota we strive at one thing. It’s called customer satisfaction. It’s a relationship that you build with your consumers and it’s a trusting thing. So, the docuPAD makes everything way more trusting. It’s what you see is what you get and it’s believable.

"It can take upwards of forty-five minutes to an hour on the old system that we used to use. We now save fifteen to twenty minutes using the docuPAD system.

"Every item has to be run through by the F&I manager and it has to also be accepted or rejected by the consumer. And they’re seeing everything live, right in front of them. It’s always keeping people accountable whether it be the consumer or whether it be the people using it. It’s a win-win for everybody.  

"Per new vehicle registered and per used vehicle registered has come up three hundred and twenty-five dollars. If you do the math, three hundred to four hundred units now a year, that works up to large numbers.

"The profit we’re making on the docuPAD system is paying for my Reynolds and Reynolds bill.

"I love what the docuPAD system continues to do for us. I’ve never seen anything like it. I see nothing but good returns."