Funk's Toyota docuPAD® System Testimonial

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What can the docuPAD system do for you?

Listen to what Rick Funk, dealer principal at Funk's Toyota, has to say about the docuPAD system.

“What I love most about the docuPAD system is the transparency it provides. It allows everything to be easily seen on the screen. We no longer have customers questioning what they bought after they leave, which has increased their satisfaction.”

“The docuPAD system is very user-friendly and allows our F&I managers to interact with customers in a more tangible way. They love the professionally filmed videos we have for our products, which keep our customers engaged. They won’t go back to their old process.”

“The docuPAD system makes sure our F&I managers are accurately going through deal information with our customers. And, if we need to go back and look at a deal again, we don’t need to search through a bunch of paper – everything is right there.”

“With the docuPAD system, we are saving 20 minutes on average per deal in the F&I office, and our PVR has increased by $242. Profits from the docuPAD system are paying for my Reynolds bill.”