Honda Cars of Rockwall Testimonial

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Lesha Wood is the software support director at Honda Cars of Rockwall.

“Instead of having to go to multiple screens in Reynolds and then go to screens in F&I, sales, and service — you’re able to do it all in one point.

“Using Retail Management Intelligence, it has made it so much easier to do our reporting in one stop. Being able to see what’s in the DOC account has been amazing. Not having to go to multiple screens — one click. I literally would take three and four days to do a whole DOC. Yesterday, I did a DOC in a day.

“In using Monthly Metrics, it has helped us forecast for the next month. It has actually helped us track, when opening a new store; you want to make sure there is growth business.

“It has saved so much time with our managers. It is really amazing, the quickness we’ve been able to use with Snapshots. It’s really helped the partners have a grasp on their business, without having to run to their controller or running to their managers. So they’re able to ask specific questions to their managers. And it makes everybody more accountable.

“ERA-IGNITE Dashboards are extremely easy. The time-savings of being able to diagnose an issue, diagnose a problem — it has helped out the efficiency of all the reporting.”