Scranton Motors Reynolds Integrated Telephone System Testimonial

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Meghan Scranton is the dealer principal at Scranton Motors.

“The telephone system has helped us transform the customer experience in a lot of ways. When a service advisor can answer the phone and say, ‘Hi, Michelle! How are you doing?’ it means a lot to them to just not be customer #5869.

“With the telephone system, the call recordings have actually been able to reduce our liability. For instance, if a customer claims that they talked to someone who quoted them something we can go back and refer to those phone calls.

“If you’re considering Reynolds Integrated Telephone System, you have to get it.  No question. When we originally looked at it we thought it was going to be certainly higher priced but it was right there in-line with the other vendors, but really provided more service.”

Matt Scranton is the general manager at Scranton Motors.

“The customer information screen pops up right on my screen. You’re not asking a customer, ‘What’s your name, what’s your phone number, can you spell that?’ You’re already jumping right into solving their problem right away.

“In one department alone, in the BDC, the Reynolds phone system has saved us probably about $100,000.  We would have had to hire three additional people to staff the phones the way we would have wanted to, until we realized that we didn’t actually need to hire additional staff.  We just needed to put them on at the right times.

“We’re currently at the 97% CSI mark. We all care about customer satisfaction, but employee satisfaction is just as important. Our employees are able to communicate with each other better, know more about their customers when they’re calling — just by having everything integrated with our DMS. And that’s another reason we’re not going back.

“The Reynolds telephone system absolutely has improved communication throughout the dealership. I’ve used every bit of that screen on a very regular basis and I’m not sure I could live without it now.”

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