Subaru of Plano Consulting Testimonial

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We recently changed our CRM tool to Reynolds and Reynolds’ Contact Management. With Reynolds Consulting Services leading the way, our switch was a huge success.

Upon arriving at our dealership for the installation, the lead consultant from Reynolds brought along tremendous enthusiasm and energy. He clearly stated his optimistic vision and challenged our staff to strive for improvement.

The consultant showed us how to follow up with leads using Contact Management as a means for bringing a constant flow of customers into our dealership.

Fortunately, the consultant didn’t just set up a bunch of cookie-cutter processes to be used within Contact Management. The consultant guided us in creating processes from the ground up, showing us the value in each process. In other words, not only did the Reynolds consultant show us how to conduct new processes, he showed us the importance of asking ourselves why we do things a certain way.

We didn’t get a consultant who simply told us which buttons to push or which steps to follow for various situations. We got a consultant who used his dealership expertise to help us understand new concepts and become better all-around employees.

The Reynolds consultant was passionate about helping us discover the most effective ways of maintaining a strong customer base. Now, we are more knowledgeable and better equipped to set up new processes on our own.

Lenora Claus
Internet Manager
Subaru of Plano