Manage the sale as it happens.

Improve your sales process and give your sales team better feedback with DigiSales™, the mobile app for Contact Management. Your sales staff can access customer information, vehicle inventory, and their Daily Work Plan from the palm of their hand. With a dealer-defined, forced-march sales process, salespeople can work the sale with provided talking points and tasks to engage customers and avoid losing the deal. You have full knowledge of where every prospect is in the sale and can receive alerts if manager assistance is needed. With DigiSales, it’s a proactive process so you’re ready for every customer.

DigiSales™ - Bryan Honda Testimonial

Benefits of DigiSales

  • Communicate with your salespeople without them leaving the customer. One button can alert you when assistance is needed.
  • Control your up process by having salespeople check in when onsite and available.
  • Provide feedback and training to your staff based on their experience level.
  • Enforce good habits and identify areas of improvement with a step-by-step sales process.
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