Now is the time to Rediscover Reynolds

Kris and Neil both talked about Reynolds changing. What exactly does that mean:


Instated a Chief Customer Ambassador

Dave Bates travels across the country to speak with dealerships and understand their issues, concerns, and how Reynolds can help them. This is shared throughout our organization to improve products and support for our customers.

Introduced the Retail Anywhere approach to the market

This allows dealerships to provide a seamless retailing experience no matter where the customer is without sacrificing control and profitability, accuracy, and efficiency. This has continued to evolve and improve with new products, partnerships, and enhancements.

Established the Customer Success Services team

A dedicated team to help spearhead our focus on customer success. They work with each customer to help them maximize the benefits of the products they’ve invested in and get the most out of every customer interaction.

Named Chris Walsh as President of Reynolds and Reynolds

Chris is focused on aligning the company with customers, OEMs, and other industry partners. He has a strong background in automotive and Reynolds, and he will be active with our customers and prospects.

Simplified and Modernized Our Contracts

Contracts are now easier to understand and provide more flexibility for our customers.

Established a Director of Industry Relations

Shawn Leibold is the voice of our industry partners, and his goal is to establish relationships with industry groups and associations to align our products and support with the needs of the market.

This is just the beginning, now is the time to rediscover Reynolds.