The docuPAD® System

Digitize your F&I experience, from selling to signing to contracting, to experience better penetration, higher PVR, and improved compliance – all with one tool.

The ever-changing requirements and growing scrutiny from outside organizations mean you’re responsible for transparently and consistently presenting F&I products and disclosures to each customer, verifying that documents are accurately completed, and ensuring deal jackets are accessible in case of audit.

The docuPAD system allows you to provide customers with an engaging F&I menu presentation that takes the guesswork out of compliance with electronic screenshots and time stamps for every step of every deal. 

Benefits of the docuPAD System

Customer signing on the docuPAD system.
  • Accountability
    Track employee effectiveness using detailed audit and usage reports.
  • Compliant
    Ensure every consumer is presented every product and disclosure with transparency.
  • Hands-on
    Engage customers with interactive sales tools and menu choices that can easily be adjusted in real-time to build custom packages.
  • Accuracy
    Ensure all documents are signed the first time using signature highlights that are colour-coded for each signee.
  • Efficient
    Reduce the time and costs that come with managing paper like toner, courier fees, and storage.

Engage, Educate, and Empower Your Customers

Customers can easily view side-by-side menu options and select what they want to purchase using the docuPAD system’s 4K touch screen

The docuPAD System screen showing menu customization screen and sales tools.

Compliant and Accurate Signing

The signing process is quick, compliant, and accurate with electronic signature capture that marks each signee’s designated areas.

Forms signing screen on the docuPAD system.

What can you experience:

“I’ve been a dealer for 34 years and docuPAD is the best product I’ve seen in many years. I’m not just saying that. We’ve got the stats to prove it.”

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The docuPAD system made the process simpler, easier and streamlined and that’s helped us immensely to keep that customer happy.

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