Retail Anywhere

Without Sacrificing Anything

Every customer has a unique journey. Where one starts, another may stop. Where one needs an all online experience, another may need a hybrid one. Customers can be anywhere in their retail experience.

It’s more than just online car buying, online payments, and online scheduling.

It’s a new form of digital retailing that has revolutionized the industry. It’s retailing anywhere.

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One Process One System

Retail Anywhere is a dealership-wide approach to sell and service vehicles and aftermarket products, no matter where the customer is: in-store, online, or a hybrid of both.

It’s a single process, powered by a single system: Reynolds Retail Management System.

It’s a holistic approach to connect every department, move information digitally, and interact and transact with customers so that you protect what matters most: control and profitability, accuracy, and efficiency.

Here’s How

In Sales
  • Connect with prospects in real-time wherever they are and through whatever channel they prefer – phone, text, email, chat, even Messenger – and see every touchpoint in FOCUS.
  • Deliver a guided shopping experience online, and pencil different scenarios for your customer while they are shopping.
  • Work a deal – online to in-store – with no rekeying and payments matching for speed, accuracy, and transparency.
  • Collect deposits and down payments online from a single secure system. No additional processing or rekeying and payments post properly.


Salesperson with customer in showroom

Turning Chats into Signatures: Securing a Deal, From the First Chat Interaction to the Last Signature

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In F&I
  • Video conference and screen share with buyers to build trust and transparency.
  • Sell with interactive and custom menu presentations to increase engagement and penetration.
  • Rate and book aftermarket products electronically in real-time.
  • Walk the customer through the secure signing process to maintain compliance and ensure all signatures are captured.
Customer at docuPAD workstation
of consumers are willing to pay more for a vehicle if signing paperwork is offered online.
In Service
  • Allow customers to schedule service in an online hub with vehicle information, previous repairs, and needed maintenance. 
  • Free up advisors to complete more productive tasks with self-serve check-in and out options using a phone or kiosk.
  • Sell more work from the multi-point inspection with videos and photos of recommended service.
  • Allow customers to approve work with the click of a button and pay from wherever they are.
deskit Digital Retailing
of consumers prefer to schedule service online, but only 24% are able to.
In the Accounting Office
  • Post deals instantaneously to the correct accounts without having to deconstruct them and make adjustments.
  • Allow customers to pay invoices instantly from wherever they are when they receive their statement. No more mailing statements and waiting for a cheque to come back.
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What can you experience:

“Retail Anywhere is where we have to go. It’s the next step of evolution.”

“We can do more work, with less people.”



“Once the customer walks themselves down the path online, it’s a seamless finish in-store.”


Turning Chats into Signatures: Securing a Deal, From the First Chat Interaction to the Last Signature

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Car Buying Unfolded Report: A Deep Dive into Today’s Buying Behaviors and Preferences

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The Changing Automotive Landscape: From In-store to Online

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