Thirty-nine feet. That is the average length of a printed car deal laid out end-to-end. And it’s not getting shorter. More regulations are continuing to come and consumers are filing more compliance disputes than ever before. With the cost of legal issues ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to your entire business, where do you start to make sure you’re protected?

What if you could...

  • Confidently operate knowing your processes protect you from compliance disputes?
  • Convert manual processes to digital, reducing errors and protecting information?
  • Track documents from the beginning of a sale to its end, and store them digitally for safekeeping in case of audits or lawsuits?
  • Protect your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) helping keep you in compliance with regulations?

Here’s How

The docuPAD® System

The docuPAD system is a compliance solution that helps enable you to make certain all documents are accurate, signed, and complete, while providing full disclosure to protect yourself against compliance issues. If you have deals printed and stacked up in your office today, it’s time to look at docuPAD. 

  • Track presentation consistency to ensure your F&I managers are showing every product, every time, whether the customer is in-store or remote.
  • Make it easy for your customers to trust you by shortening their time in F&I and empowering them to say “yes.”
  • Get rid of paper, toner, and courier costs for both finance and aftermarket contracts.
  • Ensure all documents are signed and completed the first time so customers don’t have to come back to sign returned deals later.

Hendrick docuPAD® System Testimonial

Brian Porta, Vice President, Education and Training

“We wanted to become more streamlined, we wanted to become more compliant, we wanted to become more environmentally friendly by getting rid of all the paper. That’s why docuPAD is so great. You have a certain process that you have to follow, you can’t miss documents.”

Johnny McKellar, Senior Vice President, Hendrick Autoguard

“With the docuPAD, it really broke down that wall. And it gave the consumer the ability to be part of the transaction. The F&I Producer and the consumer are teaming together to create valuable protection products and opportunities for the customer, making sure that their investment’s protected.”

Brian Porta

“Customers love the experience with docuPAD. They love being in control of the process. They’re buying, they’re not being sold, and there’s a big difference in that.”

Rick Hendrick, Chairman, Hendrick Automotive Group

“People call me and say ‘that was the greatest experience I had in the F&I office.’ docuPAD has made the biggest difference that we’ve seen in the last three to five years. I think everybody should have it. To me, that’s the best piece of equipment that I’ve ever had in the automobile business.”

Integrated Document Management

Above the parts department. In the cage. The storage compartment out back. The building across the parking lot. These are all the places no one wants to go to find a deal. And once you find it, is it going back in the exact same spot? Compliance with ongoing regulations has created a paper monster you are forced to deal with.

Integrated Document Management helps you securely store and retrieve documents in an electronic format, reducing liabilities and saving storage costs, time, and headaches.

  • Automatically capture and retrieve deal jackets, documents, and reports on demand.
  • Reduce costs on paper, toner, duplicate prints, and storage.
  • Instantly print, export, or email documents any time.
  • Host your documents in the cloud for secure viewing and retrieval.
  • Reduce risk of misused, damaged, or stolen files with secure, digital access to documents.

Experience Integrated Document Management and docuPAD® With Hendrick Automotive Group

Denise Marenna is the Vice President of Consolidated Accounting at Hendrick Automotive Group.

“I’ve been in it a long time. So, I’ve been in it when it was really fun. There wasn’t so many regulations, so deals got in, we billed them, boom. You know, years go by, regulation, regulation. It got not fun.

Everybody was struggling with the amount of paperwork that was required just to handle a transaction. We have all the regulations that we have to go through, and prior to IDM [Integrated Document Management] and docuPAD, it was sort of hit or miss, ‘are we going to get all those documents?’

We had people running back and forth with bag runs, and they’d go pick up the deals from the dealership, ship them over here, oh no, we found something wrong, it’s missing. It got shipped back to the dealership. The amount of paperwork was almost like people were buried and trying to get out of it. There would be boxes in the parts department lined up all the way to the top. Of course, it would get damaged.

All of that has been eliminated. In today’s world, it’s all in one location. It’s all right there in electronic form. We just go into digital deal jackets or into IDM [Integrated Document Management] and pull whatever information we need. That is the huge benefit of digitizing everything – it does not get lost.

Through IDM [Integrated Document Management] and docuPAD, we were able to keep all of them in one central, electronic folder so that we have less errors. Then, coming into the office, we’re not transporting paper back and forth. Now, we’re able to bill it within fifteen minutes. We’re able to comply with all the regulations, but we’re also getting our money much faster. We’re going to be able to have a consolidated cash flow because of that.

My team from the accounting perspective and the operations team are starting to have fun with each other again. For the first time, we don’t have to argue where that paperwork is.”


You take a customer’s credit card and walk away. You write down sixteen numbers, an expiration date, and a three digit CCV code on a piece of paper. You take it to the office to process the down payment.  How secure are you?  How compliant are you? The office has to reconcile at the end of the day and you undercharged the customer by a factor of ten because the decimal was off. Now what?

ReyPAY gives you a way to process payments at the point of the transaction – at the sales desk, in F&I, or online. It’s EMV compliant, uses point-to-point encryption to ensure data is kept secure, and helps reduce transposition errors caused by manual data entry.

  • Protect your transactions from fraud attempts with EMV-compliant payment terminals and point-to-point encryption.
  • Reduce processing errors caused by transposition.
  • Save time reconciling transactions across departments and stores.
  • Provide secure, flexible payment options to customers in-store or online.

Andrews Cadillac ReyPAY Testimonial - Customer Experience

Carol Edwards is the controller at Andrews Cadillac.

“Customer efficiency is extremely important to us. We decided we wanted to use ReyPAY® because we wanted to give customers the opportunity to pay online. As they’ve gotten used it to, they use it more and more. So we have some customers who wouldn’t pay any other way. Because everywhere you go, you get to pay online and it saves credit card information so it was a secure method for people to pay and it's also integrated with the invoices. So instead of having a two-step process, it was one seamless process.

“They can just simply pay, pick their keys up, and go.

“ReyPAY is just helping us do business the way our customers want to do business, which, in turn, helps us to make more money.”

What can you experience:

“Before we implemented the docuPAD system, we had 15% of deals sent back by the bank for missing signatures, forms, or other mistakes crucial to the funding process. Now, we don’t miss any documents because the docuPAD system does not let us advance until every signature is captured. Because everything is recorded electronically, we can ensure our compliance.”

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