Parts Pricing

You get pricing updates from the manufacturer each month, but when it’s time to quote a job in service there is more to consider than just the part requested. You need to account for other items like gaskets and gas, oil, and grease.

What if you could...

  • Provide immediate, to-the-penny, accurate quotes to customers every time you give an estimate?
  • Reduce on-hold wait times for callers asking for a quote?
  • Minimize the back and forth between parts and service to come to a complete number?
  • Offer a consistent and familiar pricing structure?

Here’s How

Service Price Guides

Getting a complete and accurate price quote for customers can be difficult. And, if the final bill doesn’t match the quote, you run the risk of losing future business and even missing out on money for that job. With Service Price Guides, you can provide customers accurate service estimates in seconds, including all fees and miscellaneous charges, every single time. You no longer have transferred calls, techs chasing down pricing and availability, or discrepancies between quoted prices and customer bills.

  • Create to-the-penny, accurate estimates for the customer in seconds, every time.
  • Ensure prices include all applicable fees, miscellaneous charges, parts required, labour times, and taxes for every operation automatically.
  • Service Price Guides is accessible throughout the entire department and can be used through the entire RO process, from appointment to cashing out with a single process.
  • Add jobs to the RO instantly and have the parts department notified of everything needed.

Do you need a genius?


[Phone ringing]

Sean Phillips: Reynolds Auto Group. Service department, this is Sean. A 2013 Malibu and all four brakes and rotors? That'll be $572.84.

Manager: It's amazing. I've never seen anything like it. Sean can quote you a price in seconds for any job. Any job.

Coworker: 2016 GMC Double Cab alternator.

SP: $211.92.

Coworker: Oh, there's no way! How does he do this? Okay, ooh, here's a really good one. 2012 Chevy Volt, power window regulator, front brake pads and rotors, and a timing belt.

SP: $281.39.And…it's a timing chain:  $64.97.

Manager: It's unbelievable. Which is why we've created a new position for him, just for him. He is now officially a genius.

Customer: I called in the other day to get some pricing on some shocks and struts and the guy quoted the price so fast, I thought he was pulling my leg. Then I came in to pay and it was the exact same price he quoted me on the phone. It was the craziest thing I've ever seen.

Manager: If you can find your own Sean Phillips, I'm telling you: Hire. Him. Today.

Parts Retail Markup Option

You built out your parts matrix, but are you still leaving money on the table by relying only on a straight markup percentage? Consider the sheer quantity of parts you sell each month and the amount of profit left unclaimed by not rounding up to $0.99 on each line item.

  • Configure the price of any part to automatically round up so that it ends in $0.99, which is commonly perceived as cheaper than rounding up to the next dollar.
  • Control every price level code by source, allowing you to apply the new pricing structure to retail customers, while excluding wholesale.
  • This common price structure allows you to price parts in a way that consumers are used to increasing the likelihood of them purchasing.
Customer purchasing automotive parts from a parts counter.
additional annual parts income based on an average lift of $0.40 for stores selling 5,000 parts per month.

What can you experience:

“I can guarantee you, Service Price Guides (SPG) has raised our effective labour rate $10-$15 and that includes discounting. SPG will increase your gross profit margins – it’s a no brainer. There’s no way I’d ever go into another store and not install SPG.”

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