Appointment and Write Up

Getting a customer to say yes to work starts with your first interaction. Setting the tone for every service visit with convenience, efficiency, and clear communication makes getting work approved much simpler.

What if you could...

  • Give customers access to all their vehicle and service information through an online portal, that even recommends work to them based on declined jobs in the past?
  • Allow customers to schedule appointments online with an intuitive service scheduler that is always up-to-date with your shop’s capacity and tech schedules?
  • Receive a notification as soon as your customer arrives with all details about their visit?
  • Provide customers with multiple check-in options that speed up the process and free up your advisors?
  • Accurately present pricing and recommended maintenance to your customer right in the service drive?

Here’s How

Service Portal 2.0

How often do customers call your dealership because they can’t remember the last time they got their oil changed or want to know the status of their vehicle being serviced? This takes valuable time away from your advisors. Service Portal 2.0 fixes this problem with a central hub for your customers to manage and view their past, present, and future appointments with your dealership. Customers can see their invoices, ROs, and submit their payment all online, on their time.

  • Provide customers with their own portal that can be used to communicate upcoming service, service status, and payment options.
  • Customers can easily view available service appointment times and schedule through the portal.
  • Provide customers with accurate pricing on services and easy payment options.
Image du Portail de service 2.0 sur un cellulaire
RFID for Service

How frequently is your first question to a customer, “what’s your name” or “what brings you in?” If the customer has done business with you before or scheduled an appointment, this can be frustrating. Start every appointment with a personal and informed greeting using RFID for service. You’ll receive an automatic notification with all the customer’s information as soon as he arrives. Save time and focus on selling and delivering a great experience rather than gathering basic information.

  • As the customer arrives, the service bay door can automatically trigger to open for them.
  • Greet the customer with their name on a greeter board as they pull into the bay, and include targeted marketing specials just for them.
  • Advisors can meet customers at their vehicles quickly be receiving automatic notifications when they’ve arrived.
  • Speed up paperwork processing with notifications sent to advisors for returning loaner cars.

Westside Lexus RFID for Service Testimonial

Dale McMullen is the general manager of Westside Lexus.

RFID speeds up things remarkably, because we’re not having to enter data into the computer. Once they drive on the drive, the information pops up, we’re ready to take the information down as far as what they need done to the vehicle and immediately get it into service. Just in our CSI index, we’ve gained 3%–4% already in just a short period of time.

“Now, with the RFID, a customer sees their name in lights. They go through the process, they go to sit down in the lounge, they see their name on the board, they see how the car is progressing.

“Salespeople can go into the service department and say, ‘Hey that’s my customer!’ and immediately go up and greet their customer. That way they can follow up with that customer, and they really like that.

“It helps that CSI situation. Making them feel welcome, but at the same time, making sure that we can track the vehicle and get the vehicle through our service department, so that we can get as many vehicles through as possible.

“Well, if I was speaking to another dealer about RFID, I would say, Do it, you’re going to get your money back. You’ll increase your RO count, increase your CSI scores. It’s the way to go.”

Robert Parnell is the parts and service manager of Westside Lexus.

“It’s kind of like your iPhone. Once you have it, you never want to be without one. RFID is just a part of what we’re going to do in the future — it’s just a part of what I think our customers are going to expect to see.

“When the customer is returning in a loaner vehicle, it gives the consultant a heads up, lets them know the customer is here. [It] sends a notification to the cashiers, as well, so they’re able to jumpstart the process and have the valets go retrieve the customer’s car for them. Customers do like to be informed. Customers do like to be kept up to date.  And they like to know where their car is. They don’t want to call and leave a voicemail. And that’s very important to us, is that customer experience.

“We were really concerned about having customers make comments about the privacy or the chip may contain information. We’ve not had one single person make a complaint, and very few people even ask about it.

“The amount of cars come through the service drive compared to a few years ago has gone up substantially. Every vehicle, in terms of parts and service gross profit, is $325–$350. So if I process ten more cars a month, it way more than pays for itself.”


What percentage of your morning is spent checking customers in? Not selling, not delivering great experiences, but rather just getting them checked in so you can get their car back to a tech? You’ve trained customers to schedule appointments, so you know they are coming.  Why does this take up so much of every day?

GoMoto helps you set the right tone for your customer’s experience by providing a self-service kiosk that lets the customer check in on their own terms, getting them through the process faster and freeing you up for more profitable tasks.

  • Customers can check in remotely from their phone or at a kiosk without tying up advisors.
  • Allow customers to move quickly through the check-in process while updating their information for accurate data collection.
  • Increase upsells by offering custom recommendations to the customer 100% of the time.
  • Give customers the opportunity to request a trade valuation, potentially acquiring desirable used inventory and making a vehicle sale.

Temecula Valley Buick GMC GoMoto Testimonial

Fred Hayes:  The customers today, their expectations, I think, are centered around all the technology. Everything is at your fingertips. More people are accustomed to seeing kiosks, accustomed to using those types of devices. I think customers expect that now in the service lane.

Phillip Candido:  With all the technology there is now, customers come in and they just want to be in and out and they don't want to stand around in line. The GoMoto kiosk, it's definitely helped with the morning rush. It's helped us eliminate the line that we used to have. The customer now comes in and they're welcomed by one of our greeters. The greeter now goes to the kiosk with the customer. They check in and then they're on their way.

Fred Hayes:  Before GoMoto, the backups in the service lane were due to not being able to get to the customer in a timely manner.

Phillip Candido:  There's times where menus are passed over, where the advisor forgets to tell them, "Hey, it needs its major service." And now with the GoMoto, customers are presented with a maintenance package every time.

Fred Hayes:  The time freed up from not having the customer sitting in front of them every single time they come in, it helps them be more efficient. It helps them focus more on the customer's concern and the maintenance and service of the vehicle. Before GoMoto, we would average approximately $130,000 in service gross. The kiosks in the service drive doubled the gross profit in the dealership. It's amazing. One hundred percent using the GoMoto kiosk makes the dealership more profitable.

Advanced Service

You have a full service drive; that’s a nice problem to have. But you’re so busy, you don’t have time to spend on really driving profitable service work. You’re mostly checking the boxes and doing what has to be done. With Advanced Service, you’ll be able to streamline the write up process, report on inspection results more clearly, and provide better upsell opportunities.

  • Use a digital inspection tool to walk around the vehicle with the customer and identify potential service work.
  • Present an easy-to-read report card with visual, severity indicators to help educate and guide customers.
  • Keep track of approved work and send it to technicians and parts electronically to speed up the process.
  • Increase upsell opportunities with a forced march process that ensures all recommendations are offered to the customer every single time. 

Bryan Honda Advanced Service Testimonial Video

Randall Wood is the service manager at Bryan Honda. 

You don’t ever want to have the conversation with your dealer that CSI is not great. We were in the dismal low eighties. We were getting letters monthly from Honda stating hey, you know, you’re kind of on the bottom. Can you all do something about this?

The productivity of the back was at a standstill. Advisors were begging me and saying ‘​​​​​​​​​​​​​​hey, I’m writing up this work. I can’t get it out the back.’​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ So, we started looking at changing.’​​​​​​​​​​​​​

“​​​​​​​We’re capitalizing on what comes through our drive better now because of Advanced Service than we ever have. It solidifies what we’ve been trying to do from the very beginning, increase sales and take care of customers with CSI. We’re going on twelve months of consistently good scores.

“​​​​​​​With Advanced Service, the one thing that’s helped us more is it’s tied the advisors, the technicians, and parts together as one. 

“​​​​​​​My gross profit percentage went from 69% to 81%.

“​​​​​​​We’ve more than doubled our hours in the shop.

“​​​​​​​Bottom line it’s more net, it’s more gross, it’s more sales, better CSI, and you have more processes and procedures in place that are helping people.”​​​​​​​  

What you can experience:

“Our monthly gross has doubled with GoMoto kiosks.”

“Our gross profit has increased by $50,000 per month with Advanced Service.”

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