Check Out and Payments

The final step in your service process might seem like a simple one, but it can be time consuming and cumbersome to get customers checked out and paid. You need a cohesive approach that involves communication, accessibility, transparency, and personalization.

What if you could…

  • Offer customers multiple payment options that are completely embedded to ensure accuracy?
  • Quickly find completed or outstanding payments?
  • Enhance your brand image by sending your customers personalized and professional messages with their invoice and payment options?
  • Give customers the option to pick up their vehicle at any time that’s convenient for them, not just during your store hours?

Here’s How


When it’s time to accept payment for an RO, your cashier finds it in the system, keys in the payment amount, and closes out the RO.  Simple enough until there is a line in front of them, they are rushing and move the decimal to the right, and overcharge the customer by a factor of 10.  The chances of getting that next appointment scheduled are now slim. ReyPAY is an efficient electronic payment solution that works as part of ERA-IGNITE for your dealership to collect payments in-store, online, or on mobile with no rekeying.

  • Relieve the cashier bottleneck in your service department with online and mobile payment options.
  • Eliminate errors by populating payment amounts without manually entering information.
  • Streamline reconciliation in a few clicks and access daily reports for easy confirmation of payments.
  • Ensure customer's card information is safe with point-to-point encryption.

Can Your Customers Pay Online?

A table has an alarm clock, glass of water, eyeglasses, and phone on it. It’s dark, and the phone’s alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m. A hand reaches over and turns off the alarm on the phone.

The phone’s image changes to a photo of three kids and the weather. 

Hands grab the clock, the water and the glasses from the table. The room brightens to reveal a breakfast table. Hands add a glass of orange juice, an empty white saucer, and a white plate with bacon and eggs to the table. A cup is placed on the saucer and coffee is poured into it.

A newspaper also appears on the table. The time on the phone has changed to 7:05.

A woman's voice asks, “Have you paid the water bill yet?” A man’s hand picks up the phone off the table and opens the water usage and bill app. The man taps two icons and pays the water bill.

The scene shifts to a car. The phone sits in a cup-holder next to a cup of coffee. The phone image is now a music-listening service. The car starts. The man picks up the phone and searches for the name of a song.

He scrolls down and clicks Buy This Song!

Now, the scene changes to a work desk. The car is gone and is replaced with a cup full of pens and pencils, a keyboard, and a mouse. The time on the phone is now 10:43.

A notepad reminds the man that today is his mom’s birthday. He points to the written reminder.

Then, he picks up his phone and orders flowers. While he is typing a personal message for the flower order, the desk is replaced with a tray of food. 

The bill for lunch appears on the phone. The man scans his phone to pay and a confirmation beeps and the phone screen reads PAID in capital letters. The man places his phone on the tray with his food.

A notification appears that Vehicle Service is Complete. He picks up the phone and the lunch disappears.

A hand pops in holding a bunch of $20 bills. Another hand offers a chequebook, and another offers two credit cards. Then an option appears on the screen of the phone for the man to Pay Online.

He swipes the message and the screen changes to an invoice summary from Reynolds Motors. The man clicks Pay Now and a more detailed message appears.

The phone starts moving out of the frame, and a voice says, “Let your customers pay the way they live their lives.”

ReyPAY®, our payment processing solution can help them do just that. 

ConsumerReach Plus

How long does it take you to send out texts or emails to customers today? If you’re building them from scratch and re-typing information, you probably aren’t even attempting to send electronic communication. With ConsumerReach Plus, you can create personalized customer communications that automatically pull in relevant customer details based on the message.  

  • Craft custom messages with your logo and brand colours quickly using pre-built templates.
  • Set up specific, automated emails to send on a regular basis, such as upcoming service notices and appointment confirmations or reminders.
  • Emails are responsive to desktop and mobile devices so nothing gets lost in translation.
Person on phone using mobile functionalities.
Text Messaging for ERA®

Let’s face it, you’re busy. You have to manage the customers that are right in front of you and on the phone, and you’re also trying to sell the recommended work your techs found. There’s almost never a moment of down time, so it can be hard to find time to provide customers with timely updates or ask for approvals. Text Messaging for ERA is an on-the-go texting platform that allows you to communicate with customers about the status of their vehicle without being tied to your desk.

  • Give customers real-time updates by sending customized and automated texts.
  • Easily respond to customer texts while away from your computer.
  • Receive notifications anywhere when a new text arrives in your queue.
  • View a customer’s communication history in ERA-IGNITE.
  • Embed payment links so customers can pay online.
Consumer texting a dealership on her cell phone.

You’ve inspected the vehicle, you’ve sold the work, you’ve made the repair, and the customer even paid online. Now is the easy part – give them their keys.  But why does it always seem like you have a line in front of you? You need to get the rest of the work approved for tomorrow so parts get ordered. GoMoto is a self-service kiosk designed for customers to check in or out for service on their own, even outside of store hours with key lockers, freeing you up to handle the time-sensitive issues in front of you.

  • Allow customers to pick up their vehicle after hours by utilizing key lockers.
  • Customers simply scan their QR code and the unit recognizes which key is theirs. 
  • Using the GoMoto online option, customers can request an Uber or Lyft ride back to the dealership for pick-up.
Kiosk Options

What can you experience:

“ReyPAY has helped alleviate the stress and pressure that comes with the daily five pm rush; whether it’s on the customer, parts counter, or service writer.”

“Text Messaging for ERA has allowed [our advisors] to spend less time answering the phone and more time proactively reaching out to declined service customers and driving traffic to our business. What was once a five to ten minute phone call can now be taken care of through a quick text conversation.”

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