Payroll and Human Resources

Running payroll and ensuring timesheets are accurate can feel like it takes all day.  It’s time to take away the stress of manually dealing with payroll and HR.

What if you could...

  • Store and manage employee information within a single system for easy referencing?
  • Reduce time spent verifying cheque numbers and increase security to reduce cheque fraud?
  • Track employee time sheets with increased accuracy by monitoring when employees enter and leave the dealership?

Here’s How

MICR Cheque Printing

Paper cheques are one of the easiest ways to commit fraud at a dealership. With no tracking system, an employee could walk out of the dealership with a stack of cheques and you would never know. MICR Cheque Printing provides a secure and efficient way to print cheques for multiple stores in one place.

  • Print cheques from one bank account in multiple locations or use one printer to print from multiple bank accounts.
  • Save time checking the printer to verify the current cheque number or changing paper stock.
  • Automatically update ERA-IGNITE with the cheque number so your system and the physical cheque match.

MICR Check Printing Testimonial - Hendrick Automotive Group

Denise Marenna is the Vice President of Consolidated Dealership Accounting at Hendrick Automotive Group

My name is Denise Marenna. I'm with Hendrick Automotive Group. I'm the Vice President of Consolidated Dealership Accounting. We have 100 plus dealerships, six regions, and we have a lot of responsibility to actually manage the business day to day.

One of the biggest concerns is having cheque stock laying around, whether it be inside the office or in a secured location. We've had personal experiences of boxes going missing. We actually did have a box shipped to us that was half empty. It had rocks in it, to make us think that the box was still full. When we picked it up it felt like it. When we would move it around, it felt like it was the same kind of box. But there was only a half a box of cheques! And that can go unnoticed for a long time because as they're delivered, you move them into the storeroom until you're ready for them. That's always a risk.

But we don't have that risk anymore. In today's world we're the only ones that can write a cheque. With MICR capacity, what we can do is write a cheque here and handle our payables. I can have my cheque numbers still be in the right order and they can have a cheque written at the dealership. But we control that. All of the technology that Reynolds is bringing to us really helps us be able to run the business a little bit more efficiently and actually have a little bit more fun.

Positive Pay

Once a cheque clears your account, it becomes very difficult to ever get that money back if it is fraudulent.  Positive Pay allows you to automatically let your bank know what cheques you have issued. If a cheque amount or number does not match the information provided in the Positive Pay file, the bank will not cash or clear the cheque and you are alerted of the suspicious activity.

  • Send cheque information electronically to any bank automatically throughout the day.
  • Automatically store cheque information for future reference.
  • Easily match your file format to your banks’ standards to streamline the process and help reduce errors.
  • Choose whether you want to send your bank all cheques or customize which cheques they need to verify.
Positive Pay Overview image
Timekeeping and Attendance

How many times each week does someone forget to log into your payroll system to clock in or out? You end up making adjustments every time. And accurately processing handwritten timestamps from technicians takes forever. With Timekeeping and Attendance, employees can quickly clock in from any PC using their ERA-IGNITE credentials. Digital clock in/out creates less potential for incorrect time sheets to help save time and money.

  • Allow employees to clock in and clock out digitally so time worked is accurate and corrections aren’t needed.
  • Ensure employees are only clocking in once they are on dealership premises with geofencing capabilities.
  • Create work schedules, approve time cards, and control overtime expenses for each department and employee.
Woman in office working at computer

What can you experience:

“With MICR capacity, what we can do is write a cheque here and handle our payables. I can have my cheque numbers still be in the right order and they can have a cheque written at the dealership. We control all of that.”

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