Positive Pay

Preventing cheque fraud has never been easier.

What happens when a $100 cheque becomes a $1,000 cheque or when an out-of-order cheque number clears your account. Are you alerted?  How do you know it’s happened? You still need to use cheques, and you don’t have time to track every little detail every day.

The best way to protect your dealership against fraud is to have a plan in place before problems occur. Positive Pay is one of the most effective tools for stopping cheque fraud. It flags potentially fraudulent cheques and automatically sends you a report to help prevent loss of money now and in the future.

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Benefits of Positive Pay

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  • Time Savings
    Save time and money by eliminating the manual cheque posting and comparison process.
  • Secure
    Increase check security with multi-factor precision verification of each cheque sent to the bank.
  • Automated
    Rest easy knowing cheques created later in the day will automatically be included in tomorrow’s report.

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