Automate the reconditioning process to remove bottlenecks, reduce cycle times, and ultimately, maximize used vehicle profits.

Reconditioning takes too long. The vehicle is constantly waiting on the next person to work on it, and no one seems to know exactly where it is or how much longer it will take. Your monthly volume is suffering because of it.

ReconTRAC is a reconditioning management solution designed to fully automate dispatching a vehicle through recon. You can create customizable workflows to leverage your existing process, including work order creation, inspections, approvals, repairs and more. It provides comprehensive tracking and reporting so you can pinpoint bottlenecks in your process and make improvements. ReconTRAC doesn’t just help you track reconditioning; it helps you fix it.

Benefits of ReconTRAC

A technician and an advisor looking over a car engine with tablets.
  • Automation
    Create automated workflows unique to your reconditioning process to speed up cycle times.
  • Efficient
    Generate ROs in ERA-IGNITE directly from the work order in ReconTRAC improving efficiencies in the service process.
  • Complete Tracking
    Track cycle times throughout every step in the process to understand the inefficiencies slowing you down.
  • Mobility
    Work on the go and easily update job statuses with the ReconTRAC mobile app.
  • Seamless
    Streamline communication between vendors and dealership employees by working in the same system.

Complete Oversight

Get a quick and easy look at your reconditioning process, including how many vehicles are active, what steps they are in, and the average time they’ve been in that step. And you can click on any step to drill down into more details.

ReconTRAC desktop dashboard screen

Techs Get a Focused View

ReconTRAC makes it easy for techs and vendors doing the work, they get a notification of their next job, simply click a button, and get the information they need to start working.

ReconTRAC mobile dashboard screen

Hendrick's Goal = 3 Days or Less

ReconTRAC is helping them achieve it.

“We found that ReconTRAC helps us commonize all these processes and find best practices... If we do that, we get better together.”

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