Simplified payments for you and your customers.

ReyPAY is a payment processing tool that delivers convenient and secure payment experiences to your customers. It operates across all channels, including email and NFC, so customers can pay however is convenient for them. Accounting can accept payments from vendors through cash receipts and dramatically cut time spent reconciling transactions at the end of the day. Our partners at OpenEdge provide transaction security with tokenization, EMV compliant payment terminals, point-to-point encryption, and PCI Assure.

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Benefits of ReyPAY

  • Relieve the cashier bottleneck in your service department.
  • Eliminate transposition errors by populating payment amounts without manual key-entry.
  • View just two reports at the end of the day for a more efficient reconciliation process.
  • Ensure customer's card information is safe with secure transactions.
Can Your Customers Pay Online?

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