Advanced Service

Sell more service with a complete and consistent process with every customer.

Your one-line ROs keep increasing. Why aren’t your techs finding more work? Why aren’t your advisors selling it? It only takes a handful of “no’s” to start determining what a customer will and won’t buy. And it only takes one time for your tech to see a job they found come back two weeks later being given to someone else to stop doing thorough inspections.

Advanced Service is built to help your technicians and advisors sell more service with easy-to-use customer-facing tools, streamlined processes to manage upsells, and reporting to improve performance. It creates a closed loop for technician recommendations and advisor activity. Your teams can communicate effectively using real-time notifications and updated vehicle statuses.

Benefits of Advanced Service

customer signing on tablet in service drive
  • Efficient
    Reduce wasted time and footsteps between departments with digital communications that are instantaneous.
  • Accurate
    Provide accurate pricing and a consistent routine to improve customer trust.
  • Consistent
    Give employees a forced-march process to follow to ensure every customer experience is consistent and complete.
  • Professional
    Show professional presentations to help upsell additional service recommendations.
  • Rewarding
    Ensure the technician that finds a job gets it when it comes back in.


It is easy to ignore report cards. Advanced Service forces your employees to procedurally complete the right processes.

Vehicle Report card

Sales Tools

Meet your customers anywhere they are. Allow customers to approve recommend work directly from their mobile device.

Screen where customer can approve recommended maintenance

What can you experience:

“I really feel that Advanced Service is the best tool you can use to make sure your shop is efficient.”

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