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Service Price Guides is your dealership’s secret weapon for increasing effective labour rate and CSI. Customers expect their advisors to be experts on their vehicles, and third party shops have trained them to depend on getting accurate quotes quickly. With Service Price Guides, dealerships provide customers with pin-point quotes in seconds. That means no transferred calls, no customers on hold for minutes at a time, and most importantly, no discrepancies between the quoted price and the customer’s bill. 

Guide de prix de service - Infographique

Benefits of Service Price Guides

  • Deliver consistent quotes across advisors and eliminate costly policy write-offs.
  • Ensure parts, fluids, and miscellaneous charges are included in the quote.
  • Increase CSI and sell more service with accurate quotes.
  • Boost parts and labour profit per RO.
  • Drive ELR up to and past your door rate.

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