ConsumerReach Plus

Custom, professional emails to every customer.

Your employees are spending precious time copy and pasting, or even worse re-keying, important information into emails for customers. This wastes time and increases the chance of wrong information getting sent. Or worse, it is so cumbersome nothing is being sent to your customers at all.

ConsumerReach Plus pulls important information directly from ERA-IGNITE to automatically build and send professional emails that give customers important information about their service visit and can be customized to your preferred messaging and branding. It operates in an easy-to-use, customizable format and eliminates any unnecessary steps in a standard service process.

Person on phone using mobile functionalities.

Benefits of ConsumerReach Plus

Person on phone using mobile functionalities.
  • Efficient
    Improve advisor efficiency by generating and sending emails automatically based on system-generated triggers.
  • Accessible
    Enhance your customers’ experience by giving them access to PDF copies of invoices and service estimates.
  • Personal
    Make your customers feel valued by providing customized content just for them.
  • Branded
    Create a strong brand identity by adding your dealership’s logo and colour scheme to every email.

Customer Communications

Build and send emails automatically or ad-hoc at any time in a professional, mobile-friendly format.

An example of the kind of message that would be sent using ConsumerReach Plus

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