Hendrick Customer Experience

“The wow factor for a customer is convenience.”

Hendrick Automotive Group believes in customer experience. Without customers, they don’t have a business. They made it top priority to understand what customers want and need, focusing on simplifying processes, putting the customer in control, and selling to them instead of pushing them to buy.


With Reynolds' help, Hendrick changed their processes, evolved their solutions, and improved the customer experience. Now, at every dealership, the group is selling more products because every customer receives an experience unlike any other – one where they are informed, relaxed, and engaged.

Download the Case Study: How Hendrick Automotive Group Went From in the Race to First Place

Hendrick Automotive Group Case Study

By implementing Reynolds’ technology, Hendrick Automotive was able to streamline processes. Now, every store is doing business the same way. They can get deals to centralized accounting faster by sending them digitally. They get customers in and out of the stores quicker while providing an enhanced customer experience.

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