Employee Empowerment

Hendrick Employee Empowerment

The number one goal in retail is often to create a happy customer, but if employees are unhappy, why would customers be happy? The truth is, employee morale transfers to customer satisfaction.


People is where it starts.


Hendrick Automotive Group prioritizes their people. With a Reynolds partnership, they invested in a set of tools under one system, allowing their teammates to execute under a single way of doing business and maximize success. Standardizing their processes saved them time and costs, yielding higher returns, a better experience, and a healthier environment.


“We take care of our teammates. Making their job easier spills over to clients’ experience.”

How Hendrick Automotive Group Went From in the Race to First Place

Hendrick Automotive Group Case Study

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By implementing Reynolds’ technology, Hendrick Automotive was able to streamline processes. Now, every store is doing business the same way. They can get deals to centralized accounting faster by sending them digitally. They get customers in and out of the stores quicker while providing an enhanced customer experience.

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