ERA-IGNITE Testimonials

Mike Mykeloff, Centre Manager of Land Rover Texas, said, “We’re all using ERA-IGNITE and I love it because it’s point and click. It’s real easy. It flows well. It’s logical.”

Dave Cannon, General Manager of CrossRoads Nissan Wake Forest, said, “So if you’ve been on the internet at all over the last 10 years, you’ll understand what ERA-IGNITE is. It’s a very easy transition and it’s easy to monitor, very easy to monitor. With ERA-IGNITE, it’s like anyone can understand it. They don’t necessarily have to have any car business savvy because it’s everything right there like a website.”

Simple and Easy

Greg May, Partner and Dealer Principal of Grey May Honda, said, "The simplicity of ERA-IGNITE has made us 100% more productive. Accounting managers, office managers love ERA-IGNITE. It's a couple of clicks, I got an answer, you're out of my office, I'm back doing what I'm doing. Saving time. Saving money."

Nelson Andrews, the dealer and general manager of Andrews Cadillac and Land Rover Nashville, said, “The main reason we switched to ERA-IGNITE is to help simplify our operations and to give our frontline folks the opportunity to focus more on the customers and less on the process.”

Joe Laham, President of Premier Companies, said, “What we find with our Reynolds system is it takes less people to operate the system. We run that with one and a half people. You can’t do it any other way in any other system.”

Great Reporting

Lesha Wood, the software support director of Honda Cars of Rockwall, said, “ERA-IGNITE Dashboards are extremely easy. The time savings of being able to diagnose an issue, diagnose a problem. It has helped out in efficiency of all the reporting. Instead of having to go to multiple screens in Reynolds, you’re able to do it all in one point. Using Retail Management Intelligence, it has really turned around and made it so much easier to do our reporting in one stop.”

Kristen Johnson, Finance Director of Land Rover Texas, says, “You can see issues before they become problems.”

Joe Laham said, “Reynolds’ Dashboard was so easy to use. And drill-downs! Click and drill. Click and drill. So simple. And all the information you need is right there. You don’t have to run reports. You can just look at it on your screen.”

Dave Cannon said, “When I go into ERA-IGNITE, I have it saved as a favourite. So if I want to know what my used car inventory is, I just open up ERA-IGNITE, I click down to the Retail Management (Intelligence) and click the button. It’s there and it prints.”

Doug Donnellan, the vice president of San Francisco Toyota, said, “ERA-IGNITE reporting I believe the best advantage is just the time savings. There is some accountability. I can ask questions easier, faster, identify areas that may need to be worked on. So at the end of the day, it’s just time.”

Easy to Learn

Carol Edwards, the controller of Andrews Cadillac and Land Rover Nashville, said, “I could put someone to work tomorrow and say, ‘This is your job. You’re going to be our accounts payable clerk. And I need you to take these classes which Reynolds has already built into the system.’ And they can actually go to work right away without a lot of my time being spent on training.”

Greg May said, “The transition to ERA-IGNITE from Reynolds was so much easier than anything else we’ve done. ERA-IGNITE is what will move you to the next level in your sales department, in your service department, even in your accounting department.”

Mike Mykeloff said, “Get everyone on ERA-IGNITE. It’s easy. It’ll help you manage your business better. You’ll love it.”