Every tool in your dealership creates a ripple effect.

Whether used in sales, accounting, or service, its results will impact other departments, other employees, and your customers.

Think about your current CRM… how often are you working through clutter? You spend hours every day tracking down information, conducting follow-up, and trying to close deals – but the information you need isn’t easily accessible.

You feel unorganized, inefficient, and overwhelmed.

Losing sales? Losing customers? Losing employees? There are a lot of factors… but having a tool that makes your job harder causes bad ripple effects.

Introducing FOCUS… a solution offering good ripple effects.

It’s employee oriented, helping your team close more deals with a system built for their unique needs.

It’s results-driven, prioritizing customers, tasks, and follow-up actions automatically based on a customer’s likelihood to buy.

It’s customer centric, offering detailed data of every interaction the customer has with the dealership.

Ripple effects don’t have to be bad… they just have to be right.

FOCUS. Redefining CRM.