Hawthorne Chevrolet docuPAD® System Testimonial

Steve Barna is the dealer principal of Hawthorne Chevrolet.

“Well, this dealership’s been around a long time. We are bombarded every day by new technology and when they were presenting this program to us, I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, just another gadget to sell us.’

docuPAD was brand new at the time and once they gave us the live demonstration, our F&I people bought right in. We’ve been on docuPAD a little over two years and the improvement was instantaneous. From the first deal, we’ve seen an improvement in profitability.

“We have docuPAD in all five of our stores. Everybody is seeing similar, if not better, results. docuPAD is paying for all of our Reynolds systems in each of our stores.

“I’ve been a dealer for 34 years and docuPAD is the best product I’ve seen in many years. I’m not just saying that. We’ve got the stats to prove it. Employee buy-in, customer buy-in, and dealer buy-in. It all works.” 

Carrie Bickford, Finance Director, was excited about the improvements provided by docuPAD.

“About 65 to 70 percent are lease customers, which with that, there’s a lot more involved with a deal.

“I immediately loved docuPAD. We saw an increase in the sales growth of our department probably within the first month. It was pretty amazing.

“Our overall income has increased by about $300 per car.”