The Challenge

The accounting office holds the weight of the dealership on its shoulders. Without it, the dealership simply doesn’t open and close day in and day out. Deals don’t get funded, statements don’t get reconciled, vendors don’t get paid, and receivables don’t get collected. But all of these tasks are manual and put a strain on cash flow:

  • Deal jackets are manually reviewed and checked for all required signatures and documents.
  • Receivable statements are printed and mailed with an expected payment in 30 days.
  • Credit card transactions are reconciled at each terminal at the end of the day.

The Solution

Retail Anywhere is a dealership-wide approach that utilizes the Retail Management System, allowing your dealership to work with customers – whether in-store, online, or both – without sacrificing what’s important to your dealership: control and profitability of the sale, accuracy of the transaction, and efficiency of your employees.

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The Benefits

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Control and Profitability of the Sale

Retain control of cash flow with a digital accounting office.

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Accuracy of the Transaction

Complete reconciliation from a single location in seconds, eliminating the time spent at each terminal, manual entry, and exhausted efforts researching errors.

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Efficiency of Your Employees

Review and fulfill deals simultaneously to speed up the funding process, and streamline both accounts receivable and payable.

The Results

"I think about being a customer and going to pick your car up and having to wait in line, and people are just not really that patient. We want to meet our customers where they are. And we don't want people unnecessarily waiting on us."

Carol Edwards
Controller, Andrews Transportation Group

The Results

How to Retail Anywhere in…

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