The Challenge

Making the F&I process fun, engaging, and personalized has always been a challenge, but taking your F&I manager out of the equation and simply letting your customers shop online at their own discretion adds a whole new level of difficulty. If F&I is your cash cow, how do you ensure the dealership remains profitable in an environment where the customer is managing the process from their home?

The Solution

Retail Anywhere is a dealership-wide approach that utilizes the Retail Management System, allowing dealerships to serve customers wherever they are – in-store, online, or both – without sacrificing what’s important to the dealership: control and profitability of the sale, accuracy of the transaction, and efficiency of its employees.

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The Benefits

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Control and Profitability of the Sale

Even when your customers are at home, ensure your F&I managers have a hands-on approach to menu and aftermarket product sales using a consistent digital process and an engaging interactive presentation tool, helping to increase profit margins.

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Accuracy of the Transaction

Presentations are tracked for accountability to ensure they are accurate and completed with every customer, and the signing ceremony is accomplished through a secure online method, ensuring no signature is missed.

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Efficiency of Your Employees

A digital space to complete the deal is key to employee productivity and speeds up the entire car buying process. Accept payments within seconds for a faster and more transparent experience.

How to Retail Anywhere in…

eBook - 5 Steps to Building a Retail Anywhere Sales Process

5 Steps to Building a Retail Anywhere Sales Process

An all-digital sales process has been developing in the automotive industry for some time now, but it’s been a slow process thus far, with only about one percent of customers truly purchasing online. Due to the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 crisis, online retailing has become a larger part of the sales conversation today than ever before. This all-digital sales process is broken down into five steps you can implement today.

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