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The Challenge

For years, the sales process has started online. Fast forward to today’s accelerated world where consumers expect more aspects of the typical car sale to take place remotely. There's a list of challenges with these expectations:

  • You need to manually confirm what rebates and incentives the customer and vehicle qualify for, regardless of what they saw online.
  • When you reach a deal, you have to recreate it in the DMS to move it to F&I.
  • To accept a deposit, you have to write down the customer's credit card information and manually process it.

The entire online to in-store experience has to be convenient, consistent, and accurate.

The Solution

Retail Anywhere is a dealership-wide approach that utilizes the Retail Management System, allowing dealerships to serve customers wherever they are – in-store, online, or both – without sacrificing what’s important to the dealership: control and profitability of the sale, accuracy of the transaction, and efficiency of its employees. 

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The Benefits

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Control and Profitability of the Sale

Communicate with the customer while they’re starting the buying process online and step in when needed. When it comes time to review options, present multiple vehicles and terms simultaneously.

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Accuracy of the Transaction

Customer and vehicle information is always at your fingertips, and what’s in your CRM always matches what’s in your DMS. Deal data is always complete and accurate, with no rekeying or manual entry.

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Efficiency of Your Employees

A digital space to start and work the deal is key to employee productivity and speeds up the entire car buying process. Communication is timely and tracked, helping to hold everyone accountable. 

The Results

"I love the term Retail Anywhere, because that's really where we got to go. And we know that's absolutely the next step in this evolution of what we're doing. So that at the end of the day, we're giving the customer a true Amazon like experience."

Mark Boniol
Dealer Principal at Mark Dodge Chrysler Jeep

The Results

How to Retail Anywhere in...

eBook - 5 Steps to Building a Retail Anywhere Sales Process

5 Steps to Building a Retail Anywhere Sales Process

An all-digital sales process has been developing in the automotive industry for some time now, but it’s been a slow process thus far, with only about one percent of customers truly purchasing online. Due to the disruptive impact of the COVID-19 crisis, online retailing has become a larger part of the sales conversation today than ever before. This all-digital sales process is broken down into five steps you can implement today.

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